Pool Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

The most expensive square footage

The Swimming Pool and Natatorium are the most expensive square footage on any project to build, operate and maintain.........

Stringent Federal, State and local codes for swimming pools, specialty construction to ensure tolerances and a water tight structure, pool finishes that will stand up to demanding water chemistry conditions, special attention to lighting, air handling and acoustics, specialty equipment supplied by a limited number of manufacturers, security and life guard requirements, on going power requirements, storage and space needs, routine maintenance and more all contribute to the cost of the building and the expense of owning and operating of a swimming pool facility.

Concept to Completion

From Concept to Completion attention to detail is critical......

The cost of  your project will be affected by the pool design and engineering necessary, any need for spectator seating, Natatorium access, storage, deck space requirements, size and location of judge's stations, first aid room, selection of a scoreboard system, team lockers, chemical storage, turnover rates, etc.  Not only the cost but the proper sizing and operation of all the working equipment must function as a coordinated unit to provide the pool and atmosphere desired.

Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and experience will often trump hard work.......

The latest technology in pool construction techniques, maximum air handling quality, the need for specialty pool equipment, and current code requirements demand the skills of an experienced and trusted pool consultant.  With the best intentions, many design professionals have spent far too much time and effort only to discover that too be successful, what the project really needs is the practical experience of a specialty pool consultant.