Aquattica Special Services and Product Recommendations

Aquattica has several areas of specialization that we bring to the table when we work with pool design and consulting clients.  We have unmatched experience with these pool project customizations, which can uniquely enhance your project and improve the cost-efficiency and life of your facility. We also make recommendations for cutting-edge products and pool equipment for our clients' aquatics projects, based on our understanding of the latest and most effective offerings in the marketplace.


Evacuator™ is your natatorium's best friend.  It is a source capture and release system that sucessfully eliminates the harmful and odor-causing chloramines that hang in the air in your natatorium.  For health reasons and to extend the life of your pool equipment, visit Paddock Pool Equipment Co. for additional information. Watch this video to see the Evacuator™ in action.

Pool Toy Features

Shallow water that is moving, bubbling, spraying, or swirling is an attractive element for swimmers of all ages in any pool used for recreation.  Pool "toys" have become very popular over the last few years; we help our clients select the proper toys that meet program needs and stay within budget.

Resistance Walk

This feature is used indoors and outdoors for fun and exercise.  A man-made current created by pumps and well-placed inlets flows into a 4 foot deep, 4' to 5' wide channel.  Adults and teenagers enjoy running against the current for exercise and swimming with the current for fun.

Stainless Steel Gutter

The Stainless Steel Recirculation System (gutter) is a major contributor to the proper operation of the swimming pool.  Code requirements, protecting the water flow to ensure unflooded conditions, and the proper grade of stainless steel are just a few considerations that must be determined when engineering the proper gutter system. Aquattica clients rest assured that they are receiving expert recommendations on this seemingly complex aspect of building or renovating their pool.

Up Stream Jets

Often referred to as a "Bubble Up," this relatively inexpensive feature provides a fun place for pool guests to stand, to play with friends, or to even sit by themselves and enjoy.  The Up Stream Jets are engineered so that when you block one by standing on it, the pressure is automatically transferred to the others, forcing the water going through them to jet up even higher.

UV Light System

The addition of a medium pressure ultraviolet light to your pool's chemical control system ensures the elimination of harmful microorganisms such as E-Coli, the hepatitus B virus, or Eryptosporidium (among others), that could live in the pool water. The light also serves as a chloramines destruct system that effectively reduces harmful chloramines from the pool water before they have an opportunity to be released to the air. For additional information, see Aquionics UV or ask us about it during a consultation.

Zero Depth Entry

Both indoor and outdoor pools that offer a Zero entry area have become very popular for a number of reasons that are worth considering when programming and designing a new swimming pool or planning a major renovation.  

Swimmers of all ages enjoy the convenience of this "beach type" feature that offers ADA compliant access to the pool. The shallow water offers small children a "safe" experience while being intoduced to the water and learn-to-swim programs.  It is also an area that accommodates toy features for children of all ages.

Aquattica can discuss at greater length the benefits and specifics of including a Zero entry area in your design.