Consulting Services

Aquattica offers a full range of design and engineering services for aquatics facility projects, as well as the following programs:

  • RFP Development
  • Aquatic Facility Audits
  • Safety Audits
  • Program Analysis
  • Long-Range Space Evaluation
  • Analysis of Existing Space and Re-Rating
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Acoustical Evaluation and Solutions
  • Interior Design
  • Technology Assessment and Recommendations
  • Project Management
  • O & M Review
  • Performance Specifications

Aquatics Consulting

Aquattica was co-founded by a national pool equipment sales executive, a mechanical/structural engineer, and a USA Swimming coach with the mission of fusing their unique vantage points to shape modern poolbuilding practices and deliver superior results to clients.

Our matchless resources and experience ensure the quality of the environment, operations, and cost-efficiency of your commercial, institutional, or municipal aquatics facility.

We believe that solid planning does not just compliment aquatic facilities, but that it is essential to good facility design. We start our consulting projects with an aquatic facility program review, to determine the necessary space, facility, and equipment upgrades.

With information gathered during the aquatic facility program review and a commitment to fulfilling the client’s goals for their new project or renovation, Aquattica works to develop a long range vision that reflects program goals, bather load, filtration systems, chemical systems, energy consumption, and safety.

The detailed report we deliver gives you a strong foundation to make sound decisions on design, space requirements, equipment selection, and much more.