Sharon City School District

Sharon City School District commissioned Aquattica Pools and Water Parks for a pool study and then hired the firm to complete the upgrades recommended in the study for the renovation of their swimming pool.

Project Features
  • Stainless steel recirculation system
  • High-rate sand filtration system
  • UV light chloramine destruct system
  • Starting blocks

Aquattica removed the concrete tile gutter system and replaced it with a new stainless steel recirculation system with weirs to accommodate the surge requirement.  The renovation also called for the removal of the old filtration system and unnecessary piping and replacing it with a closed, high-rate sand filtration system and balance line.

Aquattica replaced the automatic water level control system and added a UV light chloramine destruct system.

Aquattica also installed six new starting blocks for diving.

Project Location

Sharon City School District
1129 East State Street
Sharon, PA 16146

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