Pool Design Projects

Asphalt Green Sports and Fitness Center

Asphalt Green is a city owned sports and fitness center that includes an indoor 50 meter pool and a 20’ X 40’ training pool with a movable pool floor bottom.

Asphalt Green Sports and Fitness Center Details

Berkeley Aquatic Center

CME Consulting Services solicited the assistance of Aquattica Pools and Water Parks to design and engineer a state-of-the-art, four pool complex for the Berkeley Aquatic Center.

Berkeley Aquatic Center Details

Clark Sports Center

Aquattica Pools & Water Parks designed extensive renovations and changes to the Clark Sports Center three pool complex.  The existing 6-lane pool was made deeper and two additional lanes were added to allow the facility to hold competitive meets.  The existing diving tank had a new stainless steel gutter system installed and a new activity/training pool was designed to round out the services of the complex.

Clark Sports Center Details