Pool Design Projects

Camp Long Point

Camp Long Point is located on Seneca Lake in Central New York and is owned and operated by the Salvation Army.

Camp Long Point Details

Connors Memorial Pool

Aquattica was hired to design the Connors Memorial Pool, a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient public pool facility providing the latest in modern design, universal access, and public safety standards.

Connors Memorial Pool Details

Whitney Point CSD

Aquattica was hired by Whitney Point Central School District to renovate their pool, including upgrading the pool's equipment and making sure the pool was in compliance with all current codes.

Whitney Point CSD Details

Clearfield Community Swimming Pool

Aquattica was hired to take an existing site due for upgrade assessments and provide a design program and engineering solutions relative to programming requirements, code compliance, and health and safety issues, within the client budget.

Clearfield Community Swimming Pool Details

Camp Ladore

Camp Ladore engaged the services of Aquattica Pools and Water Parks for the renovation of pools at two separate sites on their campus.

Camp Ladore Details